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U20 Women U20 Open - NZL vs. CAN U20 Mixed - SUI vs. ISR U17 Women U17 Mixed - AUT vs. BEL U17 Open - FRA vs. GER U20 Open - GER vs. GBR U20 Mixed - COL vs. HUN U17 Open - ITA vs. GBR U17 Women U20 Women - NZL vs. GER U17 Open - SWE vs. FRA U20 Open - NZK vs. CZE U17 Women U20 Mixed - SWE vs. SVK U20 Women U17 Mixed - POL vs. BEL U20 Women U17 Mixed - NED vs. ISR U20 Open - SUI vs. NED U20 Women U20 Open - AUT vs. BEL U20 Women U17 Mixed - POL vs. AUT U20 Open - COL vs. ITA U17 Open - BEL vs. ITA U20 Women U20 Open - CAN vs. FRA U17 Mixed - HUN vs. ITA U17 Women U17 Open - FRA vs. ITA U20 Open - HUN vs. SUI U20 Open - USA vs. FRA U20 Women